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Own It Weekly – Go Thrive

What’s stopping You, Your Company or Your Idea? Set yourself apart with this exclusive opportunity to join us to Own It. . Share on Facebook Facebook Share on Linkedin Linkedin Share on Twitter Twitter Share on Reddit Reddit Contents Sign Up to Onformed and receive a free course on US! Name Please enter your name.…

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Why relentless beats experience

Entrepreneur Knowing As a young entrepreneur, I knew just a hand full of things. How to sell, what people liked AND knew that I was willing to do what the next guy would not even bother to entertain. No money, living in my parents house in a small bedroom with the eaves bumping my head,…

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Quit chasing weaknesses and play to distinctive strengths

distinctive strengths

Distinctive strength What is that thing you do differently within your arena or thought pattern that others can’t even comprehend? Your methodology, a unique and individual thought pattern and the combination of chain reactions that form a quality not found in conventional wisdom. Eat the steak not scraps Survival is for the fittest. With general…

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Planning Ahead in a Post Covid 19 World

Covid 19

What is the Plan? Planning ahead for a world that looks very different from the one we left behind. The time before mass use of teams, zoom, skype or even not being in a position to work the standard day due to restrictions is a huge opportunity yet it is still scary for some. Unknown…

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