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Goal setting in a world of change and a mutating virus

The World has changed and why you need to rethink your own goals.

Certainty is wishful. Certainty is naïve. Certainty gets boring. FAST

Thank You Pandemic. You got me thinking and now my goals need a little more thought. Call this opportunity!

Here’s 5 Ways to set a goal in uncertain times that are very different and yet somewhat similar to how you should really be setting goals.

5 Ways to set different goals



What are the constraints: To meet a goal I need to know what to work with.

What’s the playing field? Does the field have what I need?

Do I need to think outside the box? Enter a new field? Get curious?

A world in a pandemic has it’s limitations, however, it also has a lot of opportunity. Choose the playing field and understand the constraints.



Prepare for change: In a world of change, I need to be prepared, I need to know that’s there’s not just one path.

Generally there’s always multiple paths and if I’m prepared to think about it and be resourceful, my goal or something much bigger may just be met or expedited.



Be smart: Critical skills generally fall under that 20% which makes the big difference.

Utilise the 20% to succeed in the endeavour ahead. Just make sure you work them out first.



Relentless: Any entrepreneur who’s worth entertaining or giving at least more than a few of your precious social media seconds to will tell you in order to meet a goal you’ll likely need to work two, three or ten times harder to execute and deliver.

Times will be tough no doubt, however, relentless effort and courage gets there in the end.

Be relentless, hit the hills and work the valleys.



Measure and document: Track progress and utilise specific measurable goals. Outcomes create patterns.

Understand patterns to experience the side and learn from adventure. Execute on swift action to correct divisions from the plan.


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