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Planning Ahead in a Post Covid 19 World

Covid 19

What is the Plan?

Planning ahead for a world that looks very different from the one we left behind.

The time before mass use of teams, zoom, skype or even not being in a position to work the standard day due to restrictions is a huge opportunity yet it is still scary for some.

Unknown conditions, market changes, the big city exodus return?

2020 was one hell of year. Millions found themselves working from any place they could including on the kitchen sink, literally!

What plan can be executed with unknowns, all new human behavior and trends?

Plans for established Businesses

What used to be is old, it's gone.

Now what does my business look like going forward? Who does it serve?

How in lock down conditions did I treat my customer? Did I think about them or me?

The amount of organisations who decided to keep on taking fees and giving a sub par service have a lot to answer for.

When the pressure hit, so many decided that their customers were nothing but fools. Stay loyal, we're in this together...

That's great, but trade is an exchange of goods and services, something that meets at least the minimum value expected by the customer or greater.

It is the companies who put the customer first during the pandemic that will generate higher revenues than they ever did previously.

How can a business be stronger post Covid-19?

When the chips are down, there's nothing left, you've lost everything.

What's the incredible attribute that humanity has utilised to thrive?


Covid-19 could have and still can be used as one of the best gifts for you, your team and your business.

Think differently, put the customer first.

Dedicate you company to providing the customer at least the minimum of what they expect and more.

We give more, the customer satisfaction score rises. Your company expands, your team grows.


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