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Quit chasing weaknesses and play to distinctive strengths

distinctive strengths

Distinctive strength

What is that thing you do differently within your arena or thought pattern that others can’t even comprehend?

Your methodology, a unique and individual thought pattern and the combination of chain reactions that form a quality not found in conventional wisdom.

Eat the steak not scraps

Survival is for the fittest. With general survival pretty easy these days in the western world, up the ladder we move to thrive as adults.

Our strengths are sometimes obvious and others we don’t quite understand ourselves as they are part of our nature and DNA. These are the ones we don’t even think about, however, they’re the diamonds that have been forming throughout your lifetime.

What is it that you do well?

Although survival in general is easy, as a child, what obstacles did you need to overcome? What did you need to self-learn or even create?

Can you identify anything in adult life that you are do well based upon early life? Start with a thought then go write down the story to really appreciate what you did.

Maybe you needed to make money in way possible? What did you do? How creative did you have to be?

Hard wins

When in your life did you need to overcome an obstacle and identify one with massive difficulty at the time.

How did you overcome the challenge and can you name some of the tools you used to break down the wall?  Great challenges, show the true grit of humanity and special people.

Power play

What’s your power play?

What do you do that gives your confidence in an instant? Can you identify your very own autonomic power play.

What separates you from your peers, friends and family

Distinctive strengths are those that are unique. What make you so different? Can you identify the one thing that others may say about you?

What comes easy to you?

Every man and woman is a genius if they allow themselves to be.  Inner genius is all of us in some way or form, whether it’s accepted by society or not.

Too much information is just information

In an information age and with social pressure, sometimes we can believe we need to know far more than we do.

Concentrate on your craft, your divine spirit and distinctive strengths as they will actualize whatever it is you desire. This is your unique power that you bring.

With good focus and drive, unique and distinctive strengths can be leveraged in any market, business or career.


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