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Why relentless beats experience

Entrepreneur Knowing

As a young entrepreneur, I knew just a hand full of things. How to sell, what people liked AND knew that I was willing to do what the next guy would not even bother to entertain.

No money, living in my parents house in a small bedroom with the eaves bumping my head, my relentless nature decided to run with a simple idea to sell something that I already was a consumer of.

I could work a computer and e-commerce was taking off.

Everything I needed right?


Start small with not much

I literally did not want to pay full price and knew someone else was making a living out it. That’s how I got started. Buy, sell, profit, REPEAT.


The trap

Entrepreneur seems to be pretty much every man or lady and his/her dog with a day job they hate and a social media influencer who knows very little telling them they need to hustle. After all these are the Gurus, as they say.

Get your side hustle on people. WTF…

The lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Most are naïve and have no place in the business. This is a fact, even if it sounds negative and a can do attitude with a bullet in the head.

The curious thrive (and those who have what it takes)

What to do

So, how can the curious one, the one who’s relentless topple the experienced veteran?

The prestigious elite, or self-righteous to the throne who believe neither you, nor your ideas have any place in land of commerce.

Well, Curiosity, can kill industries. Change them forever, what seems like overnight.

Thinking differently can potentially disrupt an age old market. Change the course of the mother ship for a new destination.


What happens really

Real life scenario below:

Veteran - I am [Insert Company – as you wish] and I sell books, the internet is just a fad. People love the nostalgia of a real book store.

Jeff – That’s great, I got all curious and figured I’d sell books online and call it Amazon.

And, so the story goes…


Message to self

A curiosity to engage and change the landscape of age old industry has led to the world beating goliath that started with books. YES, The humble book.


Key take away

What are you curious about?

How can that curiosity be actualised?

What’s going to get you a seat at the table and then enable you to hire out the whole room?

A curious and relentless attitude can beat experience any day. The blinkers are not on, see more, be more, do more.




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